As previously mentioned, the focus of our company is on the development of modern and innovative products for everyday office life. The development of the CompactChart kept bringing up the same question: Which presentation techniques exist and how can we can improve them? In an attempt to answer this question, we developed a unique set of (whiteboard) magnets. We developed them to provide you with everything you need to give an appealing presentation with your distinct personal touch; pairing superb adhesiveness with sustainability, these magnets are up to any challenge.

  • Type of wood:   Beech, Ash, Hornbeam, European Beam
  • Dimensions:       Diameter: 3.5 cm, Height: 1.0 cm
  • Adhesive force:                2.3 kg*
  • Price:                    19.95€ (Set of 4, without laser engraving; plus shipping)
our board-magnets in a stack of four

The Story

Why we designed a new magnet

During our research we naturally came upon the topic of magnets that are ideal for interactive presentating and the working out of new connections by flexible moving around of contents on the presentation surface.

Our research regarding presentation tools made taking a closer look at magnets inevitable: they come in handy during interactive presentations, especially when moving around content and visualising new connections during drafting sessions. Our staff was quick to recognise commercially available products are too weak to stick to a number of presentation surface materials. At the same time, we discovered many sufficiently strong board-magnets lacked the sleek upmarket appearance we desire to provide for our customers, who value their professional appearance. All found sets in wood especially did not meet our demands; an appropriately powerful wood-jacketed magnet had yet to be developed.

What we offer

We offer our customers high-quality wood-jacketed magnets: these strong neodymium magnets adhere to glass-whiteboards, ferrofoils, commercially available flipcharts and fridges. They can bear a load of up to 2.3 kg*, enabling you to utilise a variety of surfaces for your presentation that were hitherto off-limits with conventional magnets.

*Please note: The adhesive force does not equal the maximum load the magnet can support. A magnet with an adhesive force of 600g can (depending on the surface) carry up to 7 pages of A4 paper (80g/m2).

Customised magnets

We strive to provide everything you need to augment and develop your personal style of giving presentations. Our magnets are an indispensable asset to your repertoire and are available in four types of wood-jackets: Maple, Birch, Oak and Walnut. Contact us, if you would like to purchase a mixed set or if you would like to embellish yours with a custom laser engraving.